Vene eepos Estonia the most atheistic country in the world

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I know almost nothing of Estonian mythology, is Ukko/Odin/equivalent estonia the most atheistic country in the world

The most godless country in the world, however, is China Italy At the same time, Europe is home to some of the least atheistic countries in the world (or at least in this survey)

Norway, Austria and Estonia all have 10% committed atheists, while Latvia, Ireland, Portugal and Albania are at 9%
The 2018 UN World Happiness Report: most atheistic (and socially )

From a global perspective, Europe is more secular/atheistic than the rest of the world although it does have a considerable amount of religious immigrants who have higher birth rates (see: Secular Europe and Atheist population and Global atheism).

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However, the given numbers do not necessarily constitute the exact number of people who claim to be non-believers in God.